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Lovely poems

A young woman, very close to us as if she were our own daughter is in the intensive care unit of our local hospital. was wanting to know what sight i could find some lovely poems on.

Requested by: Annemaie

As you lay asleep in bed
there stands an angel near your head
she wispers softly in your ear
while your family stand so near
she will be with you untill the end
she’s not just an angel she’s your friend
she only gives she would never take
she’s with you untill the day you wake
you need to take this day by day
and I will hold my thoughts and pray.

Suggested by: Michelle Donlevy

Tell her how happy she made us

Please can you send me a poem for a three year old girl and she is 1st year here in malta and to tell her how happy she made us..

Requested by: Pauline

Oh! Friends and family our little girl is three,
We’re starfull of happiness, dad and me.
We celebrate in Malta she’s in her 1st year,
Always our cherished child we love,love dear..

Suggested by: Cleveland W Gibson (He loves Goden Bay and the people of Malta. Wonderful folk.)

Thinking of you but for friends

Need poems regarding “thinking of you but for Friends” Thank you.

Requested by: Heather

A real friend is someone who cares.
Someone who is willing to share.
A friend will be there with you all the way.
Through ups and downs.
That friend will know what to say
and what to do.
A friend will always be by your side
and will try not to hide.
It’s not all about the money,
nor giving up that honey.
Stay sweet,
and most of all
continue to be yourself.

Suggested by: Jennifer

Want a poem for my son

Want a poem for my son who is in senior KG and taking part in a fancy dress competiton as a Wall Sunflower Clock..

Requested by: Shalini

Mom’s heard everything in nature
often dances to a special beat.
Mom’s senior KG son can’t Tango but
his fancy costume looks a treat!
His face is clean and full of shine ,
so interesting with such a cute mime.
But to win as a Wall Sunflower Clock,
Didn’t Mom once say: Tick .Tock.
Quick!He must show us the time!!!.

Suggested by: Cleveland W. Gibson

I want you to be my best friends again

If someones were your friends but they became more popular than you and now they won’t speak to you but you want to say, “hey how come you won’t talk to me? I want you to be my best friends again”, but not in a way where you are running back to them..

Requested by: Victoria

I believe in angels,
The kind that heaven sends,
Im surrounded by angels,
But I call them friends.

Many people will walk in and out of your life,
but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.

2 thoughts on “Poem Request”

  1. Hi, I want a poem for my x fiancée which left me almost 8 months ago. I really did mess things up with her but am really sorry for what i did. we have a son wich stays with her. i really am sorry and miss them with all my heart

    1. Without you
      Cleveland W. Gibson
      When months ago you slammed the door, because what I said made you feel unsure. I didn’t know then but now I do: I can’t live my life without you.
      You were my sunshine. Heck. Now I have only rain. Worse still I say, you took my son, and every day ends grey. I thought, my Dear, of how it might be, I want you back to when it was only us three. Such is family life, without it I ache, I’ve wept plenty salt tears at my mistake. My heart lies bare, bleeding , snapped in two. What more? What more? I cry: “I still love you.”
      Cleveland W. Gibson 2010
      author:House of the Skull Drum

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