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  1. I can say it’s an ‘institute’ we can learn lots of things, that are love, education, friendship, news and poems of different expressions.

  2. It’s a good layout and is set up very nicely, I especially like the make me your home page idea.

  3. I was very impressed on your site. I enjoyed your “Who am I” page. All those adjectives describe you quite well! :).

  4. J’ai visite ton site web et je le trouve tres bien. Les couleurs sont tres belles et ce que tu y dis aussi.

  5. Great site! I specially liked this page but all are very well done! Congratulations! Come & have a look at my site! Take care.

  6. I come from Guayaquil Ecuador I Congratulate You, he is a very good idea to have this page.
    When I saw this I felt some immense desires to know you

  7. I hope chat with you some time like friends. I have a very bad english, it’s taken me 3/hrs to write this lol. I am french salut.

  8. I got to your site by accident you may write if you like. I live in Rossland BC Canada. I am a ski patrol supervisor at Red Mountain.

  9. Hi! My name is Paula, I’m from Portugal and I really liked your homepage! Portugal is very beautiful and Portuguese people are nice.

  10. you have really a great site here and it was a pleasure for me to visit. Greetings from vienna !!

  11. Very original site! A rare quality these days, and something I strive for myself. Take care.

  12. Wow this homepage is great !! My greetings from germany, soon I go to Japan. And in the future I like to visit China, are you coming to Frankfurt?

  13. Chère Min-Min, quelle bonne idée de réunir des gens de pays, d’horizons et de sensibilités différentes.

  14. My wife and I were both AMAZED (blown away is a more fitting expression). You have massive talent. You have so much going for you and so many skills.

  15. frankly speaking i’m not surprised by the perfection of this are always the best, dear!

  16. Hey you have a great site. I think you have done a fantastic job. Visit my home sometime and you can read my poems.
    Thanks for sharing

  17. Lee Britain was brilliant as a compere. I think it is a big loss for the club, he is such an entertainer, a one off.

  18. In a world of consumption, greed, image and hate, I am very happy to have found a glimmering light of hope, love, passion and understanding. Thank you for this site.

  19. ur poems are totally cool they are really great and cool take care and dont stop writing poems bye

  20. Just browsing through to see what you have. Excellent website.
    I had a great time visiting your site. It`s pretty nice !
    Keep up the good work !

  21. hello,

    I find your profile to be interesting and will like to get to know you better.I am a simple , easygoing and caring lady. I will want you to contact me with violetina4u at yahoo and lets get to know each other better.

  22. This website is brill. i love all of the poems you have if u could could u please email me some.

  23. well, i am a simple teen ager…simple with
    a complicated life…
    I often cry and i often smile and laugh…
    i treasure my friends much so i really
    feel sad when we don’t see each other often…
    well, i have many experiences that will
    melt your heart….

    mariane.. :-)

  24. Hey all of you! *smile* I must say I really liked this page, specially all the poems published, but it is a little bit confusing… well, I though of submitting my poems too, but didn’t found out how to do that… you have to be a member ? How do you do then? That’s what I thought was unclear about the site… I’m looking for “poetry-penpals”…so anyone intrested in having a Swedish penpal and u are intrested in poetry, you are welcome to mail me! I’m 19 years old girl! Hugz /C

  25. Hi
    Congratulations you have a very entertaining and beautiful site.
    You have great designs on your site!
    The colors are attractive and you have great pictures.
    regards from

  26. This is a great site, espicially for those in need of expressing themselves, or trying to find words of comfort.


  28. Not ready 2 say goodbye
    I’m not ready 2 say goodbye
    I’m not ready 2 breakdown & cry
    Not seeing 4 a long time
    is like not being able 2 smile 4 a long time
    The feeling that your far far away
    is so painful i can’t hardly think.
    So why would u leave me
    knowing i cant bear the pain inside
    I’m not ready to say goodbye

  29. Hi My name is Maz
    iam 17 and i love to write poems
    i was just wounding how i could get to
    know some other young people who love poems too
    lv maz xxxx

  30. hey this site is like
    i like it
    u did i a great job
    keep it up
    i will
    be back just to read
    the poem n
    i wish u love who
    every u

  31. hay today i found this side and i need say that is very great sometimes i wreiting too when i heve time is really great

  32. love is unselfish, understanding and kind
    For it sees with its heart and not with its mind.

    so for all u who are reading keep that at stake
    because you will soon relise that
    Love is a memory that last foreva

    respect to you all
    love kahlia

  33. i am supposed to write in my words here, but what words do i have to say? my hobbies, my interests? okay, well, i guess i enjoy wrghting poems and drwing alot, but i also like to go chill with my friends and hangout with new people.

  34. In my own ashes, i am standing without a soul, and what you see as evil, is God bound and chained.

  35. here’s a little advice on love for all you girls out there that ever been in love or is still in love, love is blind because you could love someone and be in love with someone but if you love that special person and he or she is treating you right than you hold on to that person because you may never find someone like him or her again.

  36. hello, my name is Tena, i happened on your site by looking up my daughters name, it is just like yours got to say your site is beautiful i will be back

  37. im always looking for poems on the
    internet and they gave me a list of site
    to check but i saw your site and clicked
    on it. you have beautifaul toughing
    poems. trust me im always on
    this site.
    keep up the good job

  38. This site is very useful. Keep up this excellent work – very good. krankenversicherung

  39. yo whats poppin this is your girl shanell aka sha murda from southside you know and i wanna shout out everybody thats on here from southside queens

  40. In our country we don’t really value much about poetry… but I tell you it’s my blood, my air & my life. I’m glad to came upon this site and hope to post one of mine too! More power to this site!!!

  41. hi crystal like you can see we are named the same and we both like write poem Well am going to late you bye Crystal Lopez

  42. Hello!! I was reading the deporessed poems/qoutes and decided to check more out so I did. They were all awesome. Thanks bye!

  43. Great webpage! Love to write and hope to have my webpage up soon. keep up all the good work.

  44. I think this is a very interesting site and I’ll be sure to visit it regularly.

  45. I love to write poems and all that good stuff. I love your site. It is really awsome.

  46. I love this website a lot!!!! It’s the most awesome place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  48. i love writing poems alot.i have my own
    book for poems.i wanna write dem
    all in ur website.but sometimes i
    don’t have time!but i have time
    to read all da lovely poems.ur
    site rock! wishing u success
    in da future!

  49. This is a enchanting site for us amateur poets to express ourselves without being judged. I really do love this site and im only 14.

    Thank you for making this site I will be a frequent visitor

  50. I like poem that have rhymes.cute, ever seen i don’t like poems but when i read poem title “MUM” I get touch so much so now i read poems that have a rhymes… So thanks to this page…

  51. It was nice going thru dis web site.. I don’t have wordz 2 xpress how much better I feel…thanks a loooott!!!…

  52. Hi, I’m back .
    Things have changed and this site looks so clean , wonderful and such a treat to browse through.
    Hope to post some new poems.
    Thank you for creating this site.

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