Happy Birthday Mommy

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Can you believe it
A birthday again
You are turning what now
38 … wait … again
4th-5th year in a row
How lucky
I am sure everyone is curious to know what your secret is
Having kids who did not do the math?
Or worst having kids who believed in it
Year after year ha-ha
Never the less today
It is a special day
June 15th
It is your birthday
That is a cause enough for a celebration
Today is the day where near by family and friends should gather around my mother
And wish her happy health and many more birthdays to come
A gift
In fact any gift I give you may not be enough to accommodate the years you spent here on earth
Or enough to show you my gratitude
Because it only comes once a year
And only last 24 hours in one city and 86,400 seconds in a single day
And so I thought to myself
A birthday card was not enough
And birthday money was still just not enough
So here it is
A poem
Not just any poem
Your poem
A happy birthday poem
A happy birthday poem to my mother
And it goes a little something like this
Roses are red violets are blue
Why can’t all mothers be like you =]
End of my poem
And on an end note happy birthday Mommy

Please stop the war

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I hear you guys fight

Very late at night

I have to admit that I’m tired,

Of the yelling and the screaming.


Why don’t you just leave him?

He’s never going to change,

He’s always gonna be like this

I don’t care what you say.


Mom, you think this is only hurting you,

Look at your daughter for once,

Do you notice anything wrong?

Of course not, you’re too busy worshipping him.


I act like I’m fine,

I act like I’m strong,

But on the inside I’m screaming,

Praying for a way out.


Please, mom, I’m begging you

Make this all end.

I want this to be a family again,

Not the beginning of World War three.


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She’s a survivor

I’m amazed she was brave.

Now she wears her scar

But, thank god, her life was saved.


It happened a long time ago

But I still remember it clear,

She had the cancer in her thyroid,

For her life I did fear.


I’m glad she’s here now,

I’m happy I can say

“I love you mom” to her

Every single day.


My mom is a survivor,

I’m amazed she was so brave.

Now she wears a scar

But, thank god, her life was saved.

Be Strong

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*****You let me know you love me, in lots of crazy ways…you make me feel special, with your laughing & joking praise…

*****You’re always there when I need you, you comfort me & you care…I can really tell you love me, I can see it in your stare…

*****As I look at you now, you have changed so very much…whenever I’m around you, you want to feel my gentle touch…

*****Being “numb” for so long, took all your pleasures away…I truly believe God changed this, all on Memorial Day!!…

*****A blessing in disguise? Being hidden by illusion?…we questioned all of this, in a state of deep confusion…

*****But now I’m not confused, the picture is becoming clear…what all of these doctors did to you, has messed you up for years!…

*****Your body & soul, are now a clean temple…no numerous drugs, making you go mental…

*****Mom, please be strong & understand, all the meds were making you think un-clear…

*****Although you’re in pain, & your body is weak…keep working at it, you’ll get better each week!…

*****Think back in your mind, to a time before pain…how did you feel?…did you ever complain?

*****God gave you this chance to make the right choice, there’re 2 roads ahead, just follow God’s voice…

*****I promise to help you, & to NEVER give up…we can do it together, & soon you’ll measure up!

*****I’ll always believe in karma & fate…this happened to you, so you would awake!

A mother

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To a question where her home is a daughter gave this answer:

Where my mommy is


A mother can never forget her own children

She will always think about the child she gave birth to

A mother can only do good deeds for her children

She teaches her children about God and how to be good

A mother will give shelter to the poor

She will help those in need and do good where ever she can


God gave us mothers because we will not come through life without them

Mothers are the basis of good homes

Mothers make our houses homes

Without mothers there is no love, there is no life


Beneath a mothers feet there is {Janna} Heaven.


Respect your mother and treat her with love and care

Care for her in old age as she has taken care of you when you were a child


A mother will forgive you if you did something wrong

A mother will show you the right path

A mothers heart overflows with love

A mother is the basis of a home


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