Forest of Love

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What is love?
I heard people fell in love.
I heard people they’ve always been loved.
Then, I heard that people never received love.

What is love?
All emotions come at one point.
But, all emotions just flow by knowing being loved.

I heard love’s supposed to feel great.
But what kind of love?
There are lots of love depending on what you’re talking about.

What’s the true meaning of love?
Or is there no meaning at all?

I heard that true love comes from God.
Is that true?
If it is…
Then why do we sometimes seek fake love?

What does love truly mean?
Is true love always being inside us all along?
Or was true love never there?

Love Flowers

I will…

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I will write for you my love
I will write my heart out for you
Word so true
Straight from a bleeding heart
Blood fuelling my pen.

I will sing for you my love
I will sing my heart out for you
Lyrics unsung
Straight from a beating heart
Rhythm to my song

I will die for you my love
I will die the death of no fear
For life is meaningless
Without You
For your love fuels my soul.


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Last night we stumbled
And I try not to grumble.
Yet I fear things may begin to crumble,
So, I start to speak in a mumble.

You say, you don’t want to hope,
And I think that’s just another hurdle.
One, that just needs to be coped,
For us to stop this wicked tumble.

I know just they key,
That will take us out to sea.
It involves a plea,
That you and me,
Have some glee.

There’s just one easy way to start,
You just need the right partner.
I’m hoping that I can be your heart,
And fill it with loads of laughter.

I do this for you,
Because what I feel is true,
I say – I love you,
Even if it seems so new.

I want to cherish you
And scream yahoo ~
So, without further ado,
Let me begin to woo,
Until you and I become glued.

For Emily

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There is something about the way you say my name

That tells me it is more than just eight letters.

There is something about the way, between

The tiny spaces of your fingers, that I intertwine

My hand to yours and tie a knot, never letting go.

And though you are not perfect—I am

Nowhere even close myself—you are perfect

For me. And I come to say that you need not

Feel how you felt, or do what you came close to doing,

Because, for you, I lend my ear and shoulder and heart,

And hold you until the setting of the sun and until

It rises once again in the morning.

No amount of things can ever outweigh how I feel

For you; for they are just things, things that can fade.

But how I feel is something internal and endless.

And I, being a creature of habit, break my old ways, for

You are too beautiful, both inside and out, for me to

Restrain myself from not feeling.

You have made my heart smile and sing, and

You have made me strive to be better.

And though our time is short, that’s okay.

Maybe what you don’t understand my darling,

Is that this feeling deep in your heart,

The confusion, the happiness, the bewilderment,

The surprise, and the joy, is everything that

Love is. It is love, my love. Love in its truest

Form, and you feel it surge through you, and

Excite your mind, and electrify your fingertips, and it is

Astounding in the most wonderful of ways.

And maybe the other thing you have not

Come to terms with yet, is that

What you feel, this love, is not only returned

By me, my darling, but you will never know

How much I love you.

I love you, I love you, I love you,

In the endless wave of time,

In the ceaseless beating of my heart,

In the gentle motion of my soul.

You are everything that you will ever need to be my darling,

For you are perfect as you are. And you never

Need to change. Not once, not ever.

My darling, my love, my dear,

You are my greatest pain, for I will despise the day

I leave you to yourself, and separate from my better half. 

My sweetheart I adore you; I adore your

Courage, your strength; I adore

The way you laugh when I tickle your back;

I adore your soft kisses under the dim light

Of the moon; I adore everything that you are

For you are wonderful.

I love you. I love you with the truth of my words,

As if I could stay with you, for the rest of my

Life, though I know, I’ll never truly leave

The little space in your heart, as you will

Never, ever, ever, leave mine.

My love, it comes to those three words that

I could repeat until I die, and never become tired.

For when I think of you, I think of life, and affection, and

Everything that is good. So with that, my love, I leave you

With the “I love you,” I have never said, but will eternally say:

I love you, forever and for always.

“She Loves Me Not”

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She loves me… she loves me not.


On the corner of the street, you catch my eye.

You are the most beautiful person,

I’ve ever seen.

At the back of the room, you steal my heart.

You are the brightest thing here.

I have never seen such a beautiful thing.


You have stolen my heart,

And you can either return it,

Or keep it for yours in return.


I love you as if there was no sun,

And the world has drifted far away,

And there was no one but you and me.

I love you without question, for you are

Everything; my best friend and my darling.

And though you do not love me back,

And though I love you more and more each day,

It is okay. It is okay that you do not feel

My heart’s longing, for that is something

I cannot make you feel.


But darling, there is no way I will never tell you

That I love you. For I cannot see myself without

Trying in the least. And if there was no sun, you

Would be my sun; and if our world had drifted far away,

You would be my world anew.


I love you darling; I love you through pain,

Love through laughter, love

Through heartbreak, love

Through and through.


I love you and miss you when I dream,

For my day with you, even if

It is only one glimpse, far outdoes my

Wildest dream.

I love you in the peril of my heart,

And the quiet of my soul.


There is no way in which

I do not love you. I love you

Despite your faults, for you

Are not perfect without them.

When I love you, it is not

Because you are without them, but

Because you have them, for perfection

Is not being without faults, but learning

To love you through them. And that is why you

Are perfect to me in every way.


I am deprived of you, my darling.

I am sick with love, sick

Without aid,

Without remedy,

Without cure.

For there is nothing I can take

That will make me stop loving you

In every way.


From the first moment I met you,

From the last moment I saw you,

And everything in between,

I have loved you as if you were already mine,

And as if you had been for a very long time.

And though you are not, though you may

Never be, there is nothing you can do

That will stop me from loving you.


If my heart will get the best of me,

While I am left without the best of you

Then I may never love someone again,

At least, not as I love you.

I love your laughter as a sweet and budding flower.

I love your smile as the sun pours across your skin,

And the waves in the back roll in, seamlessly,

Endlessly, I love you, and the sun sets its

Eye above the horizon, and you smile

And laugh and love the moment

You are in, for it is perfect, just as you are,

And before the sun fades away, know that

Its true, that I love you, I do.


Everything I do is for you, so you will love me

In return, for I have tried far too hard

For far too long, and I cannot bear

the pain of never loving you if you will not love me.


Still know, that though this may be the truth,

A truth I despise with everything that I have,

I will love you till my heart beats no more,

And the waves cease to roll, and the moon falls

From the sky. I’ll love you till the sun burns out,

And every star has faded from view, and nothing is

Left. And though nothing remains, I will still love you yet,

For you are everything I have, everything I hold onto,

And one day, you may just understand how much

You mean to me my darling.

Waiting for a Rebirth…

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It’s really unbelievable how we  met

never thought that a person a stranger

in all ways will be so close to me

it started from a friend request

then hai, hellos  as time passed

we were so close friends

pure and beautiful relationship

then how and when? Did you

feel it for me..i warned you

everytime you tried to be close

but you didn’t…..

and how can i slip away from you

for how long??..coz you were just

mad for me..unknowingly me too

fell in love with you..

meanwhile when i realised its never

going to be true…i tried to avoid you

we tried to stay away..but i knew

your pain..and i couldn’t see you

suffering..we prayed together all nights

coz i told you we will get  a rebirth

we longed for our death together

with tears in our eyes…..

and then  a day came ..a day that

took away me from you

and now its over one year

but still i pray all nights with

tears in my eyes and

love for you in my heart..

just for a rebirth with you….


True Love Poems