I’m so tired of you

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I’m tired of you
So damn tired of you
Sick of your head games
Sick of looking at your face

I just want you gone
I don’t care how
Get hit by a car
File the divorce papers
Blow your brains out
I don’t care as long as your gone

I used to love you
Now I can’t stand you
Your smell is nauseating
Thinking of being with you
Makes me want to vomit

I can’t wait for this all to be over
So I never have to look at you again
Everything about you irritates me
And not in a good way

Love has turned to hate
Desire has turned to repulsion
Affection has turned to despising you
Care has become apathy

I don’t wish you well
I just wish you gone

Summer Love, Summer’s Up

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I don’t want to give you the wrong impression,

I’ve enjoyed your attention.

And I hope I’m not sounding too indifferent,

But let’s be realistic.


Lately you’ve been calling me “babe.”

Don’t you remember you’re already taken?

I know you’re tired of all the faking,

But I won’t be here much longer.


Your soldier will come home in no time,

a tragic heart set free.

So prepare yourself for your old life,

blow the softest kiss goodbye to me.

The Memory

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Eyes of the deepest vortex,
telling a story so complex,
never knowing what she might do next.
she has the looks to shame an angel,
make any one fall in love first glance,
and yet no one has a chance.
she shows what is not herself,
fooling every one even her best friend,
she hides her insecurity inside a wall of false courage.
she cant help but cry at night,
for her past fills her with fright,
holding her down and keeping her from flight.

she once saved a life,
five words with more meaning than a novel,
to another all alone she spoke them,

I know how you feel.

she found a companion,
so she smiled with truth,
she came to life,
no more strife.

and not to long after her friend,
she left the world,
not by choice,
by wrath.

Goodbyes and love

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Goodbyes are the last words we want to say,

but I had to move on into another day.


Where heartache was.. it hurt so bad,

I learned to let go even though it was



It hurts to see you trying to get with

other girls, When I thought I only

belonged in your arms.


I do see now, it’s time to see that

it just simply couldn’t be..


I can’t be sad and I can’t go back

so I took my heart down this empty

unfulfilled path.


I’ve found where my heart belongs

and while it slowly hurts I’m starting

to move on.


Someday, I’ll find someone to cherish

and hold with all my love to offer without

saying no.


To care and love for with all of me, I’ll

learn to love again and be able to see a new



Deep in my heart I stored these words,

where my love will never fade within

this cold cold world.


For my time is short and things

Won’t last so I’m not going to waste it

thinking about my past.

Love is all that matters in the end..


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The bell rings

Its over

As you advance in moving on I stay for I am younger

Whatever little hope we had left is now gone

The silent and invisible tears I fought to hold back now overwhelm me

It doesn’t show though

Nothing does

I try to stay strong and act normal

But it’s hard when I stare at you

Now as I am forced to tell myself goodbye

Because I am really shy

You will never see this

We will never talk

As it’s always been

But I caught you staring at me

And you caught me staring at you

We never talked

The only times we did were of laughter from each other

It was short but sweet

Such a joy it was

Feeling as if  it was just us

No care or worry

Just you and me

But now its just me

Longing for you

I will forever love you

And I hope you will do the same

Someday I hope to talk to you

Although I am different

I am also the same

Now I must say goodbye

At last it has come

This is it

This is now

So here it is


Your guardian angel

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She met this guy not long ago
Sweet, nice, brown eyes, and tall
He meant everything to her
9 months passed and she is pregnant

Waiting on this baby
No sign of the father
No sign of his  parents
No money
No job
No help or what so ever

She calls and he doesn’t answer
Visits him but he’s not there
Checks the house
And finds a letter

Dear ______
you know I love you
But is hard for me to say this
I got another girl pregnant
I love you so much I really do
But am in jail accused of a murder
When u see this look at
our daughter tell her I love her
And that soon I’ll be out

4 months later:
Baby am getting out today
Come look for me in the back of the gate
Bring our daughter so I could meet her
I wanna hug her, touch her and kiss her
She is the reason for my life
And if I don’t see her I might just die

See today I went to the doctor
He told me I had cancer
So please my love
Take care of her
She is an angel from above

I only have one more day
And today I hope to be better than yesterday
I love you baby and I love our angel
I’ll see you in heaven one day
But for now goodbye
I love you both
My sweethearts

Goodbye Poems