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Once upon a time in a land not so far away
Right in our own city
A sister was born to you
By our mother
To keep you not so lonely
Even though you have only had one year greater than her
You wanted someone to play with
And so I came
Not only into your life, but our mother’s as well
Sassy and talkative
Never ending questions
Annoyance filled your world by this little devil
A mile a minute her cries and words came
Not that you knew what miles meant at the time
But holding your head high
You were still proud that your one little wish was granted
Little did you know than that I was not the only one on the way
And in time
We share two little devil of a bother as well
So once upon a time
Not such a long time ago your wish was granted
And here I am
Still talking a mile a minute
Isn’t┬áthat lovely
Your wish to not be so lonely came true
So whenever you need me
Just call or text me
Because you know that I am and will always be here for you

Hold on tight to things you love

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I had a sister whom I would have loved
the one I could have shared secrets & clothes,
the one I could have played around with,
the one I lost & never found,
the brown eyes girl named Angie that I will always be missing,
the one that has a space in my heart,
the one that Im crying for tonight,
I had a sister that’s now far away,
god has called her her time had end,
But she did not even get to explore the secrets of life & the problems of course,
but I still pray for her tonight with the tears running down my face,
I open up & say I know it’s sad but life’s like that,
the ones we love often escape, because god had taken them to a better place,
& as I write this last words to you, I will say this,
those of you that have a sister, treat her well & let her know that you care,
’cause one day you never know if she would be there
so hold on tight ’cause life is hard
& if you don’t appreciate what you have life might give you a┬ásurprise

If Only (For My Sister Ingrid Charene Jacobs)

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*If Only Charene you were here,
I would have the chance to whisper in your ear
How much I love and miss you.
*If Only I would have left with you that day,
I could have found a way to make you stay.
*If Only they knew who stole your soul,
that fool with a heart of straight coal.
*If Only you would have stayed home,
We wouldn’t have gotten the horrible news over the phone.
*If Only he wasn’t so stupid,
you wouldn’t have been with him like he was cupid.
*If Only you saw what we did,
you would have completed your life with your two kids.
*If Only you would have come home that night,
you wouldn’t have had to worry about that crazy fight,but instead a new life.
*If Only I had a chance to say I love you,
it now wouldn’t feel like a dream come true (if it happened)
*If Only he had a heart,
you would have had a great new start.
*If Only I could have said goodbye,
I probably wouldn’t stay up at night and cry.
*If Only your children could have knew you better,
they wouldn’t think that there was no one caring.
*If Only they had their mom right now,
but they don’t call their fathers a coward.
~The son thinks you didn’t love him, and the daughter’s smile is very grim.
~~So really IF ONLY is the only thing I can say now,
because I cannot tell you I love you and couldn’t say goodbye.
So now all I do now..IS CRY!

your case will be solved ..if it takes me all my life.

For My Sister Ingrid Charene Jacobs

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