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Hands are shaking 

My mind starts racing 

The world starts breaking 

My heart accelerates 

I can’t stop thinking 

What if?

What if my worst fears come true?

What will I do? How can I stop this feeling?

Paranoia sets in

I can’t avoid it 

It consumes me 

I can’t let it go

I can’t stop thinking 

What if?

What if this is all I can do? 

Sit and wait for it to pass or do I face it once and for all?

These fears grow stronger by the minute.

My breath staggers 

My lips start to quiver 

My eyes become blurry 

I can’t breath

I can’t…

I can’t…


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This life that we know it to be is created through our own choices

This life that swevers and stops at every turn 

At every turn there’s obstacles waiting for you to overcome

Everytime I face this monster on the other side 

I say I can’t give any more

Everything I have; I have given 

Everything from my strength to my time

Everything is gone

I cannot muster anymore

This monster takes from me 

Takes it all again

I’ll see you again

When you see me 

Next time won’t be so easy 

Next time will take more and more than you can manage

More that you know you have 

More than you thought could never be there for it to take

But somehow this life comes knocking down our door


Forcing us to drop all our hopes and dreams

Forcing this pain and agony that we feel at every moment it comes around

Breaking us down again 

For us to mend our broken spirits 

Our wounded souls

Barely healing 

Barely living

“Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness”

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“Stars can’t shine without darkness.”
Then we wouldn’t see their light.
Without the presence of shadows,
they’d never shine so bright.

But, sometimes, the dark can be a scary place
when all you can see is pitch black.
Just remember the dark is a temporary state.
The light will always come back.


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Everyday I struggle

Everday I question

What’s wrong with me?

How can I be anyone with this weight on my shoulders.

The guilt of being a nobody.

Because society says I am.

I’m nobody

A nobody that destroys relationships.

Throws away money

Buries us deeper until there’s no where left to go.

Why was I taught to be worthless.

Taught to be materialistic

Not love myself

Not love another

Hate everyone

Hate this world because of

Who I am

My choices

This storm that rages on

When will it end?

When will I see the light at the end of the storm…

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