Unconditional Love by Bart Adams

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There’s a friendship that dwells deep down in the heart, that’s as gentle and pure as a dove. It’s a friendship that most people dream about, one that’s filled with unconditional love.

I know you have days filled with doubts and fears, about … Continue reading Unconditional Love by Bart Adams

Cost and debt for life

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Cost and debt for life… Thoughts that lurk my mind…! I am trying to payback.. For all that I never lacked…. Burning questions, twisted philosophy..! Conceiving monochrome of living apathy… Vague purpose nothing makes sense Looking to fill the void and absence Never … Continue reading Cost and debt for life

The thought never leaves.

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I know how you feel about this. You cross your arms and you don’t say a word. I’m trying to stay calm. The thought of me trying, it seems so absurd.

You’re changing and leaving, Your mind is bleeding. I don’t want to … Continue reading The thought never leaves.