The Sacrifice of an Imaginary Life

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If i dream in darkness

Would I sleep to die?

Erase the silence there is no need for it

Cause I’m swallowed from

The sound of my screaming

Without a soul

Without a thought

I know that I’m going to die here

Don’t let me die here in the darkness

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How could I face another day?

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I did it again…

The same mistake…

Just different faces…

different places, different times…

yes, my choice it was…

Now how could I face another day?

How to still have faith where I misleading again??

Enough is just enough…

How many of that I have to take to finally get there??

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Love : from lands afar!

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Your memoirs haunt me- across the seas, Wish! could relive that November- build a time machine, because since very long- no rainbow sparkles this sky, when i try to look beyond the aisle! the reign of reckless ruler prevails, from the heaven above heavily … Continue reading Love : from lands afar!

An Oscar in Faking Smiles!

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3.5 / 5 ( 2 votes ) The black sun will shine in my sky, if you ever leave me! each day i would cry, There wouldn’t be any happiness, no cheerful smile, Just tears, scary nightmares, glorifying my life! When i walk down the pavement with you on my … Continue reading An Oscar in Faking Smiles!

God’s Colors

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Earth wouldn’t be as beautiful if all God’s flowers were blue. If rainbows were only yellow that would be a sad thing too. Suppose the ocean and the sky were just the color white. And everyone on Earth wore black. Wouldn’t that be a sight? God made the beautiful flowers many colors, not … Continue reading God’s Colors

Four more years ’till I can toss rocks.

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Our talk at dinner made me laugh.

I don’t believe in your narrow vision,

So how can you expect me to follow it?

I’m gonna toss rocks and eat cinnamon,

I’ll do a lot worse in my lifetime.

You know i will.

It’s funny that you keep trying.

Love, put the knife down

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Love, put the knife down, don’t take that step.

The step you’re taking today.

You say “no one loves you,

no one cares, no one can feel what you feel.”

So, you take pills every day to take the pain away.

You cut yourself every day to make … Continue reading Love, put the knife down

Darkness surrounds her

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She sits up straight trying to hide her tears. Darkness surrounds her. She tries to find the light but she can’t find it anywhere. The littlest happiness she gets soon walks out the Door. Oh lord help me! I’m crying out for that little sign to show me you are alive! … Continue reading Darkness surrounds her