Show me a scene and I’ll paint you a picture

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I constantly divulge in meaningless action

I suffer from self-conscious dramatization

My confidence reeks of a transparent back-bone

And I can’t explain this feeling of elation


I haven’t a trait with a memorable essence

I can’t string a sentence together in person

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Please stay

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My heart is an open wound constantly battered constantly abused,

always tattered always torn it’s been that way since the day I was born.

My whole life has been filled with neglect, pushed away,

loathed and treated with uncanny disrespect. So please understand

I’m not trying to push you away…my heart begs … Continue reading Please stay

Sometimes I Feel Its Over

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Life is a curse,

Hard and upsetting.

Happiness is a dream,

Something far from happening.

Suicide is a thought,

Alive and in my head.

Pain is my strength,

Like a frame to a bed

My days are pointless. My life is dead.

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My escape of love

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I saw you with my soul not my eyes,

my love I had for you ran deep and couldn’t be measured by size.

You said we weren’t meant for each other… that we couldn’t be,

and I swear every time you said it my heart would bleed,

break and shatter by our every fight now it doesn’t matter..

You wouldn’t even try to give me … Continue reading My escape of love

Ms. Addiction

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You are my addiction.

My prescription to this sickness

I admit Im addicted without you, I’ll be different.

You have me higher than I’ve ever been before,

From after the first and second time, I just knew I needed more.

If you were in hell, I would go to the … Continue reading Ms. Addiction

What The World Should Be

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Love me, hate me, set me free Show me what the world should be. A place you don’t lose what you love. Where happiness soars above. One where joy is all around. A place where lost ones all are found. A world that’s colorful, bright and fun. Not filled with … Continue reading What The World Should Be

How do I know It is love?

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Temperature rising, Hands caressing

The true love we share is truly a blessing!

The trust we have & what we share

Deep down I know, you really care.

I can say, I truly adore


I can say, I need no more.

With you no pain can come my way &

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Love like your losing him

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Love like your losing him the very next day.

If he says goodbye, don’t say your okay.

Don’t pretend your fine, don’t say your great,

I can see that your eyes are filled with hate.

Just take your time, and don’t be afraid to cry.

I promise I’ll help you, … Continue reading Love like your losing him