Platonic Maritime

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Recognise a lighthouse Supply it with a name The warmth of light emitted shall Forever be the same

It beckons me to safety It shields me from the hail The howling wind, perilous rain The consequence entailed

Of taking light for granted – When safety goes awry – I miss … Continue reading Platonic Maritime

Love shall thrive!

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Love shall thrive!

Bryan the knight loved…

No, Bryan fell in love with Martinez the king’s daughter…

No! no! omumbejja

The princess; yes!

He is hardened by the chain

Born of a slave dad and servant mama…

He is blessed-cursed…

To serve the king, to take spear-rockets in place of him.

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A Thousand Kiss in a Thousand Rose

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Winds bring clouds over my skies Dust gets disturbing into my eyes Hit by rain drops turning into dirt Annoying me throughout reaching my skin Remembering me of someone I’ve might hurt Time is running out as sun’s light starts to dim

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Forget Me Not

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Rare are those who can be This close as you are to me ‘Cause once they become It sadly gets undone They start fading away one after one Even you couldn’t stay; now that you’re gone.

Not just it’s heartbreaking Moreover it’s breathtaking I’m sure you’re coming back So here’s … Continue reading Forget Me Not

I never know what time it is

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I have no thoughts to express, no feelings to explain, but despite this lack of motivation, my hands insist there is something to say.  I guess I’ll see what’s on their mind:

It seems as though my internal clock is running fast, or … Continue reading I never know what time it is