Tangled Without Release

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Why these dark days never end,

Why the sky is that colour of blue..

Why I write but can’t press send..

Why I can’t forget about you..

These are questions that haunt me..

Ones that I must know the answers too!

There’s so much in this world that we don’t … Continue reading Tangled Without Release

The road out of damnation

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I still walked down the road, still searching for…

you so strong and brilliant, seeming to know where you were going.

I followed that beauty, for as long as I could stay

but you said “I am not your lover.  I can’t show you the way”

Separated and alone we wandered … Continue reading The road out of damnation

Suicidal: Ones Own Life

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Death’s a lonely soul, wandering around, Crying, whispering, wishing, wanting. Life in a dark shell, Wondering why no one  cares. Surely, deep enough, if you only knew, How people love you. Don’t cry, don’t hide. Know enough to let you flow Why did you do it? Please don’t do it. … Continue reading Suicidal: Ones Own Life

I Hope You Remember

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Remember the hardest day of your life,

Remember your saying everything will be alright,

Remember your warm touch and soft kiss,

Remember your saying you will never leave me,

Tell me now, do you remember?

Do you remember what happened in December?

Do you remember our last goodbye & my … Continue reading I Hope You Remember

Footprints in the Sand

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Grains of sand slip in between sun-cracked toes– Submerging them with every step, Clings like a newborn to tired feet

A great distance I have been, Through thick and thin I’ve walked Along your footprints– so We’d be together at the end

You lifted up a spindly twig, And drew … Continue reading Footprints in the Sand

Raison hantee

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Il pleut à grosses larmes sur mes pensées Avec le soir humide comme seul horizon Quand tu m’as quitté, une flèche s’est fichée Au cœur rouillé de ma passion

Je titube, ivre de ce chagrin défunt Trébuchant sur d’illusoires illusions Mes bras tendus tentent de happer ton corps fantôme Qui … Continue reading Raison hantee

For my Rhyming Friend Shasta

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(although I haven’t written rhyming poems in years, I thought “Well why the hell not?”  So I wrote one yesterday, and now I’m writing another especially for the person who reminded me of how useful structure can be.)

I drink from a black rose petal chalice

each morning; silver champagne.

Each morning … Continue reading For my Rhyming Friend Shasta