A Shattered Visage

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If ‘love’ had form, what would it look like? It might be something like a withering rose, grhtmling onto honest tears. No one notices, or cares; it’s only an ephemeral entity of another time. Blood stained thorns bellowing in the triumph of the abyss; Wilting petals deserted by red that … Continue reading A Shattered Visage

Thank You for the HeartBreak

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Thank you for the pain, because I find out that I am not numb after all….. Thank you for the heartbreak, because I realized that I am still capable of loving someone… Thank you for making me feel unlovable, because I appreciate more my family and friends who make me … Continue reading Thank You for the HeartBreak

Love Is not Happiness

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If life isn’t joy, what is it? If life isn’t happiness, what is it? You say love, while I say depression. I’ve never seen love, so what is it? People say it’s to have emotions for someone…deep, deep emotions. Others say it’s to care for someone…to really care. Truth is, … Continue reading Love Is not Happiness

Sand Glass Fire

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I turn you and wait, And see you fall straight As air fights its way.

Black and light it moves, And the sight, it soothes. Makes one fly from rues, As time glides by crude.

Might make fruits or trees, Bodies nude, or just knees. Ev’ry lure you might see … Continue reading Sand Glass Fire

Should I follow my heart <3

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How do I express the feelings in my heart? How do I express everything in my mind? I don’t want to lose you; it’s too much to take, I don’t wanna have to walk away someday, I just want to think that nothing ever happens, But my heart and mind … Continue reading Should I follow my heart <3

Why would one take their life?

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Why? It’s difficult to understand why one would take their life. Only God can comprehend a soul so racked with strife. Life brings many challenges and some just cannot cope. The intensity of their suffering causes them to give up hope. God knows their heart and mind, the hurt and … Continue reading Why would one take their life?

I do not know what to say to you

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I was trying to work things out, boy what will I do without your smile, you’re the one that makes the day worthwhile, ‘cause I don’t know what I will do when you’re not around, boy I don’t know what to say to you, it’s like everything between us two … Continue reading I do not know what to say to you

Red Bug

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I saw many adventures Of a tiny insect, On every single night, On every single day.

With simple overtures, Which people could expect, Yet, still causing delight.

A man whose heart is pure And always so direct,

With so little power, Mostly gets himself wrecked Fighting for what is right. … Continue reading Red Bug

We are Who we are!

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Always felt different Always looked different From everybody else Others stare Others gossip tall, short thin, thick ugly, pretty everyone is beautiful I believe the lord made us this way for a reason be ourselves some may like different things others like unique things but….. We are Who we are! No … Continue reading We are Who we are!

Can an Automatons heart break?

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We all have felt cold at one point, hurt and withdrawn. We want to shut down, and yet there is that spark of anger/fire/hope that keeps us moving forward. I wanted to explore what it would be like if I could shut down, compartmentalize my functions and feelings. This was inspired by that exploration.

An end restarted; a dream revisited.

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(Here on this site, I choose to begin this again.  My hands move slower than they once did.  Better slowly than the fevered pace that once threatened to overwhelm me.  My thoughts as always, turn to her.  Still I wonder how she fares.  What power we … Continue reading An end restarted; a dream revisited.

Teardrops on my heart </3

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Teardrop are like rain. You never know when they’ll come…or when they’ll fade… </3 So why should I care, if you love or hate. Im just going to cry anyways. You break me. You tear my throbbing flesh apart until there is nothing left. You laugh, you prove me wrong. … Continue reading Teardrops on my heart </3