Pain, You are better than nothing

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Pain.. It is something I do not take lightly. It breaks and tears, and teases and touches, Not delicate but forceful and aggressive. It tears at me, always laughing at me. Mocking my cries while I slowly start breaking. Pain.. You are better than nothing I’d rather have you than … Continue reading Pain, You are better than nothing

See No Emotions

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My heart pours out, My emotions spilled about.

My heart and tears, it never mirrors.

Why don’t you feel the same? The same emotions never came.

How can I care about you, when you can’t care too?

It’s only me, why can’t you see I’m not immature like I used … Continue reading See No Emotions

Life is like a rose

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Life is like a rose which comes out as a bud…….. it blossoms and spreads its fragrance and glory. Sun shines and rain showers but it stands there, bearing and overcoming………… Many seasons pass by; many wind touches by. But like the flowers of lovers, It stands high…… The time … Continue reading Life is like a rose

The girl you have always wanted

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The girl you’ve always wanted is the girl I try to be I mold and shape and pray and wish, but that’s just not me I try to forgive and be loving, but it’s just so hard you say it shouldn’t be a challenge, but I, you see, am emotionally … Continue reading The girl you have always wanted

I want to leave this small town

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Love is still just a word, slightly overused I have a late curfew but that privilege gets abused sometimes it’s cool just to kick it but I like to party I get clowned for my intelligence, they always call me “Smarty” I want to grow up and leave this small … Continue reading I want to leave this small town

You do not deserve friendship

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Your lack of compassion for others is evident now your facade is crumbling, better find someone new to copy, to befriend, to tell them your secrets and talk about how I moved on because I’m such a bad person, and my personality sucks, and yeah that’s true. But dude, it’s whatever … Continue reading You do not deserve friendship

Love, A Great Vision of Art

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At times in a relationship not everything goes perfect, But also at times it’s realized that it is worth it. These are the times when our hearts are full of love and yearning, It also causes us to live together and go through life learning. When we know that these … Continue reading Love, A Great Vision of Art

Wish to be whom I used to be </3

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My mom had told me from a start to let you go, to take a break, and walk away from you, I didn’t wanna listen ’cause I thought she was wrong, I didn’t want to believe in reality, I wanted to keep dreaming in my own fairytale, where it was … Continue reading Wish to be whom I used to be </3

Parting words

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Wishing for answers to questions that I may never know i’ve always struggled when it comes to letting go I searched so long for mutuality, something I can’t find in you why keep wishing on stars, if those wishes don’t come true I have a simple question i’d like you … Continue reading Parting words

Chocolate Chip Icecream and Bagels

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Let’s just take our chances watch the ocean as it dances climb the mountain ranges embrace the forest as it changes all I ever want to do is spend every waking minute with you eating chocolate chip icecream and bagels talking as long as we are able until I have to fall … Continue reading Chocolate Chip Icecream and Bagels

Nowhere Near Done

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Wishful thinking kept me drinking saw me sinking HELP stupid lies make me cry no surprise USED TO IT awful feeling heart WAS healing left here kneeling WHY still bleeding on the floor doesn’t matter anymore why is love such a bore? YAWN same old routine say what you mean … Continue reading Nowhere Near Done

Too Much Too Fast

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You’re everything I’ve waited for, but nothing I’ll ever have Everything that I could need and it’s just too bad I want you to stop being scared, but I am scared too At least tell me why I keep coming back to you

Too much. Too fast. Too soon. Won’t … Continue reading Too Much Too Fast

But I Am Just Another Girl

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You seem to have it figured out But I can’t tell what you’re about If I go on word of mouth I’m sure that I’d be missing out

You must practice new, exciting ways To be the highlight of my day Can’t you see that I am completely hooked on … Continue reading But I Am Just Another Girl