The moment I will never forget

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oh my dear I love you so, But there’re just things I can not  show, you said you don’t show love physically, you said you like keeping things secretly, I go ahead and trust your words, hoping they were not lies you said, I believe everything in you, now Im stuck … Continue reading The moment I will never forget

*Never change the one you love for a person you like*

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Im sorry that you fell in love with the wrong person because I don’t love you, Im sorry to tell you this, it’s that everything happened too quickly and you felt for me but I didn’t fall for you, I wish you would … Continue reading *Never change the one you love for a person you like*

I loved you forever but forever is over

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I scream your name when Im asleep, I dream about you every single night, it’s like a nightmare that won’t leave me alone I want to forget you but I simply can’t, I try and try but it’s impossible, I wish I could go far away where you’re not near so … Continue reading I loved you forever but forever is over

A mistake that changed my life

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I remember the time when everything was right, when you didn’t have to choose either me or her, When you held my hand in front of everyone, when you didn’t care what they thought of us , when you looked me in my eyes and told me everything would be … Continue reading A mistake that changed my life

Move on without the one you love

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Even though you’re not here to see all that you had left of me , even though you’re not here to say sorry I need you near, even though that you had broken my heart, all I could ever think of is how you were so blind, I know that … Continue reading Move on without the one you love

Unknown Girl

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At first glance I look at you you shine so brightly, brightly with charm. It’s like your body is wrapped tight with beauty. I could see your nerves and your shyness YOU WERE SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I wanted to talk to you so badly but you made me vulnerable and scared … Continue reading Unknown Girl

Trailer Park Blues

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Tired of feeling helpless Tired of being alone I’m tired of the trailer park, and all these trailer park blues.

I’m ashamed, embarrassed, and sick to my stomach. Afraid to go out, afraid of people seeing my face I’m screaming for help!!! or maybe sympathy I’m not quite sure, but … Continue reading Trailer Park Blues

Poetry Is Dumb

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Some Say that Poetry Is dumb, that they Don’t know why people Would write, don’t understand, that there are too many rules, laws, Restrictions on what they Write,(elephant) They Cannot fill form (giraffe) They should just (Duck) Be more Creative (Lion) Just write Their thoughts (hyena) And see what (skunk) … Continue reading Poetry Is Dumb

It Might Be Pigs

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An entire thoughtless Generation, Gen devo. Punching buttons to do Math, to write, to think. Calculators, Computers Do everything for us. The age of thought, Of philosophy, Of discovery, dying, Quicker than we Grow old; and would like. Scientists discover Supposedly “new” Things, prove and disprove Pluto; don’t accomplish Anything. … Continue reading It Might Be Pigs

Who Came Before Us

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Humans are fickle beings, in happiness and sorrow, Sports fandom, marriage, All of life. Loyalty Is a hard thing to find. How are people all over In “wealthy” countries Happy, joyful, when people Are dying, starving sometimes Right under their noses? Some men, married To beautiful women, Are unfaithful. Sports … Continue reading Who Came Before Us

I Least Suspect

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Drowning sorrows in drink, Not alcohol; coffee. Forcing myself awake Night after night, finding something to do; Never myself.

Trying always to forget, Through games, sleep, work; The curse being the more I try, the more I think Of her, of then, of us.

Poems only serve to wound Further, … Continue reading I Least Suspect

Terrifying Thought

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Sometimes I wonder If death… If death would be Better. The sweet, Sweet release from troubles Of this world is yet A depressing thought. Not for the lack Of problems; Only The pain that stalks Death like a raving Lunatic keeps me Sane; wary of Death’s Silky words, smooth, Terrible. … Continue reading Terrifying Thought