Ode to Jenna

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Her heart full of kindness, of caring, compassion. Her smile, a pleasure, sincere and so warm. Her laughter, like music, delightful to hear. Her eyes, wide and luminous, reflects what’s inside. Her voice, soft and gentle, yet somehow it’s strong, mirrors the strength from within. Her manner is poised, tho’ … Continue reading Ode to Jenna

Times Essence

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What day will we die? Who really can know? So, while we’re still living, Let’s give it a go! Go talk to your neighbor, stop by, see a friend. Take time for your family, That rift you can mend. I speak from experience, if you’ve read what’s above. I know … Continue reading Times Essence

Sounds like these: volume over par

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What I feel in sound I see in colour. A beauty unsoundly perfect Each motion poetic, each frame sinful. For each thought though clean can’t seem to clear off the feeling of intense passion. Want the Bliss to last through this moment.. I’ll … Continue reading Sounds like these: volume over par