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Oliversweet and kindcute and wildblond ‘n brown eyedOliverhear me straight!love yabut please don’t feel hate.Because I love youmore than I can bearLooks, personality,and awesome hairso pleasewhen you go to bed tonightplease think of medon’t make me feel frightdon’t break my heartlike ass Alex did.OliverI LOVE YOU.

Farewell Love

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Farewell my greatest love

After the long wolf cry of the loneliest nightcomes a new morning with the bluest skywatching the sun blooms to a new lightIn a place we used to hide

Reminiscing our happiest and saddest momentsIn my thoughts and in my heart will always be keptA love … Continue reading Farewell Love

I miss you till we meet again

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I will never forget the daythe day you left me behind to staythat night we met meant so much to menever thought I’d fall but now I seehow much I loved youbut never had a clueas to how much I’d be missing younever wanted to say goodbyeall I could do … Continue reading I miss you till we meet again

Confused Life

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Like a flower, Too late to bloom, Things happen too fast, They happen too soon. Decisions yet, Still undecided, Feeling confused, And under minded. Feeling big, But metaphorically small, Wishing I, Wasn’t here at all. Worst of all, Feeling cheated, Wishing I were, Undefeated. But life hits us, At a … Continue reading Confused Life

Thinking of him

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There’s always someone you care about,Who doesn’t know your there,But when it comes to talking to him the chances are so rare.You always seem to be thinking of him when you close your eyes,So as you sleep time doesn’t seem to pass by.I don’t really understand why this has to … Continue reading Thinking of him

My dream

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Though, this may sound confusing, or corny, to say at least.I dreamt of us the other night,there you, then there was me.There a beach and there chemistry,hearts had surrounded our heads.It was like a perfect little, notebook scene,problem was we’d never met.We were, completely strangers,but that’s what we’ve always been, … Continue reading My dream

I long for the day

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I long for the dayof your tender embrace,With my head meeting your shoulder,and yours meeting mine,As I inhale the aroma of your hair,Grhtmling it with tender subtlety.I embrace your soothing warmth,This warmth which rekindles a certain spark in my heart,This warmth which is the most warming in its serenity.I turn … Continue reading I long for the day

Like an angel, you’re wonderful

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Dear Denni

When I was a kid I used to listen To some priest preaching about angels I got so amazed and wondered If they were really true and existing

When I got older faith slowly weaken To believe angel is just a legend I never saw a human with … Continue reading Like an angel, you’re wonderful

Our beloved tyrants

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Unwrap those eyes, fight the fearsYour eyes so sharp, it will cut my heartUntie that tongue, unleash the bladeYour words so sweets, my ears will bleed

Let destiny reign and lead the wayThis is no longer a dream or fantasyNor a fairy tale with beautiful endingA battle destined to have … Continue reading Our beloved tyrants

Falling leaves

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Underneath the big old treeWhere I stand and see the leaves get freeDancing with the wind so softly and gentlyColor green and gray as they go astray

Bounce there, bounce everywhereWherever the wind went they goSome tried to reach the heavenStill most of them fall on the ground

Underneath the … Continue reading Falling leaves