If Only (For My Sister Ingrid Charene Jacobs)

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*If Only Charene you were here, I would have the chance to whisper in your ear How much I love and miss you. *If Only I would have left with you that day, I could have found a way to make you stay. *If Only they knew who stole your … Continue reading If Only (For My Sister Ingrid Charene Jacobs)

Your Verdict Judge Me

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I was to give an order down in my submarine,It wasn’t quite right for how it seems.Only 5 of 20 of my crew were to live,What reason of this might I have to give?We only had oxygen for about 3 days,There really weren’t any other ways.Unless I want to codemn … Continue reading Your Verdict Judge Me

Sweet love sweet dream

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I love your smiles, those pain sweeping smilesThey seem to take away all my burdens in lifeLetting me know it would be alright

I love your eyes, those twinkling eyesThey seem to speak of a thousand wordsMake me wonder each time I stare

I love your lips, those cherry red … Continue reading Sweet love sweet dream

If you must burry me

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If you must burry meburry me nowburry me todaymy dreams are fadingMy hopes disappearingand I’m scared of livingim done fakingthrowing smiles your wayim done laughingget out of my wayI want to find my graveim dead already don’t you seethis body is useless to … Continue reading If you must burry me

Our love is like stone

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Never worry whenYou can’t see the lightFor the tunnelWill soon endNever worry overLittle fightsFor I will alwaysBe your friend

Never worry whenThe tide is lowest,For its about To turn Never worry over doubtsAnd questionsFor there’s something You may learn

Never worry whenthe stars are farFor our loveIs like stoneNever worry … Continue reading Our love is like stone

Sweet blend

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Unmasked evil thoughts Harmony in finest intimacyGrooving scent is now in silence Love finally forgotten its sense

Turn, twist and spinHear my voice Dance with the rhythm Fly with the wind

Hungry heart beats In the arms of the lostHold on to the beatForget the world

Thirst shroud our fearsDwelling … Continue reading Sweet blend

Suicide Path

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Have you eva had the feelingthat your whole heart was revealingany way someone could hurt youbreak your heart and emotionally desert youhave you ever wondered whyand for no reason started to cryhave you ever felt theres something you lackthe reason he never looked backif you’ve eva had that feelingthat heart … Continue reading Suicide Path

I cannot

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I cannot take this..I cannot take this hate,guilt,heartache,and pain.I want to show everyone,who I amand what I feel.

InsteadI put this face onthat isn’t real.I cry aloneand I want to die alone.I feel so much hatealmost everyday.

You don’t ask..you don’t care.And I want someone..anyoneto ask me..if I need help.

Continue reading I cannot