Love the one who loves you

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Love the one who loves you Don’t pretend when you don’t do Because love is dangerous So don’t be careless

Love the one who loves you Don’t love who chew and spit you Because love avoids anger breaks the heart of a lover

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Unbelievable love that I have for you

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If I say I love you million timesStill it won’t be enoughBecause I just love you so muchNo one can say how muchIn my heart you will always beForever, ForeverHere or thereNear or farMy love will beWherever you are

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True love sometimes comes true

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It was the day when faith seems to die Lurking in a sense of a madman Prowl with no direction Lost in road of emptiness And looking for redemption

Then there was you Innocent and so true Making me believe, yes it’s true Oh what a wonderful you

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Unbreakable Foe

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Fading colors, unspeakable dreams So gray day after day, night after night Walking in the valley of misery When will it change, no one knows Definitely not for me and for you

Look what we have done Frightening darkness morns the earth So cold, be silent, something creeps from within … Continue reading Unbreakable Foe

Untitled melodies

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Once there was a girl, so loved by meEveryday I would come to seeJust a glimpse of how she isMy heart teases me almost everydayShe smiles so nicelyAnd talks so gently

Inspiring me frequentlyWish she could seeThe brightness she bringsClings almost dailyJoin me in a cup of teaWe talk and … Continue reading Untitled melodies

Old Friend

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You came unexpectedlyDon’t even bother to saySitting on a corner with a black coffeeFeeling so comfy, trying to be cozy

Hello there my old friendYou still look the sameTell me how long it has beenDo we have to pretend?

Damn you, shame on youYou’re like falling debrisShattering every dreamMaking me … Continue reading Old Friend

Donuts & Juices

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Confusing hungry heart lies from within I wish I could choose, which one to win Two dazzling beauties making my day insane So bold and yet so rare

Creepy-crawly heat makes me sweat On this hot Thursday breeze Making me, oh my so thirst! Pour something my dearest heavenly sent … Continue reading Donuts & Juices