Im not saying "goodbye"

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Does your face still light up?Do you still begin to laughwhen you watch the videoand look at the photograph?Of that night when we dancedlike there was no restThat night I forgot what its liketo be second bestDoes your body still fill with butterflies?Do your eyes still begin to wetwhen you … Continue reading Im not saying "goodbye"

These Drops of Sweet Sorry

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If you listen….. Just a little closer And if you would stay….. Just a moment longer You might be able to hear These drops of regret Fall into the bucket And you might be able to see These drops of sweet “sorry” Filling … Continue reading These Drops of Sweet Sorry

Por Siempre Mi Amor

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Mi amor para ti siempre seráDe máxima prioridadPorque tú eres mi amadaDe soledad tú eres mi libertadSoy afortunado haber alladoUn amor como el tuyoTu corazón y alma me has dadoPor lo cual soy muy agradecidoCréeme cuando te digoTe amaré por siempre y un … Continue reading Por Siempre Mi Amor