I hope it's you

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The rain pours downruns off my faceand soaks my clothes,

It continues to the groundfills the puddlesand soaks my toes,

Vehicles speed bygiving adviceand wishing me luck,

Don’t they see Im hopeless,going nowhere,and stuck?

I continue a drifterside of the roadthumb extended,

Another car passesI think it’s youor at least … Continue reading I hope it's you

Truly are a star

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Stars are bright and shiny,for everyone to see,you truely are a star indeedespecially to me.And when the night is dark,and light should seldom show,you brighten up my worldwith your warm and happy glow.So when people put you downand say you’re not worth a … Continue reading Truly are a star

My Lucid Dream

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We arrive in a rushing lucid dream,falling stars and angel’s dust,this trip has no particular theme,

Our indefinite and unconscious state,is blown away to dream-like ecstasy,seduce the colours and clean the slate,

Racing all the vibrant lights and shapes,leaving behind only a current and a concept,infinite is flying without capes,

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It's true that I feel nothing but love

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The first time we kissed,The first time we danced,Since the first time we met,I was lost in romance.Everything about you,I loved!You were like an angel,Sent from above!So this is a little something,To let you know it’s true,I feel nothing but love,And I want to marry you!