The Monsters

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Members of the board, I urge for your discretion.

The issue we have at hand, is key to our ascension.

Look closely at the chart, the numbers which decree,

Inflation on the market, a rise of jubilee.


You have all been brought here today.

Because we must make a decision.

We thought they would obey.

Under the proper supervision.

But now we must evacuate,

this city is now gone.

The little people accumulate,

The monsters still press on.


But look outside this glass, to the ants below.

You see the power, the hunger, the pain,

the pure devoured, so we obtain,

an army of gods, which forever grows,

and in our grasp, shall the controls we hold.

With this power shall we ever reap,

in a generation of our own,

our presence will cause the world to weep,

our new future will be sown.


As helicopters descend upon us,

I ask of you again,

With reputation on the line,

our choices looking grim.

Do we end the project,

that rends a city from the limb.

Cause’s pain, this evil, these sins.

Should we kindle the genome within.

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