Promise – by Punk

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Faraway beyond the earths dazzling day, i spot the one and only girl for me and shes heading my way.
I seek what I don’t understand, dreaming of what to give just to hold her hand.
My heart beats as fast as a lightning speed, To how much I will cherish her indeed.
To the words that fill my ears with simple words she speaks, In my head I’ve fallen down with no battles in need.
with no swords or shield, but an open arm that will protect her from her deceitful fears,
Promised that I will collect every single drop of tears. 
My life has received a wonderful gift, From the Him,
Himself Showed to the path from the pain to the wrath,
I stand tall for my sake, Innocence is what I don’t believe because each and everyone of us makes mistakes.
She cooled me down, just by the way i looked at her smile. Even for a second of time.
For the truth no one had ever done this before, To keep me steady and keep my body heavy and i couldn’t ask for more for SHE is the ONE FOR ME.

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