Alone – by Jacayda

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My world is now so dark
With no light or candle to make a spark
My mind is full of stressful stuff
and i think iv’e had about enough
I’m alone and forced to live a life like this
My eyes are closed so much to miss
I try to escape to avoid all this mess
I do it everyday it’s like a process
A process maybe to get me stronger
To live my old like just a little longer..


One thought on “Alone – by Jacayda”

  1. You know what … the best thing in this world to get know our-self and that can be only done by being alone … Try to know your true self … try to enjoy try to live try to love … To being loved try to love :) … Life is very simple our thoughts make it complicated actually :) And your skills are quite good please write more and share with us :)

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