My Guardian Angel

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A guardian angel sits upon my shoulder

She keeps me safe

Away from harm

Never to be hurt again.


It wasn’t always this way,

At first I didn’t understand,

It wasn’t always clear,

Why she had to go.


It angered me,

That we would never see,

Never sit and listen,

To one another again.


It was my favorite place to be,

At grandmothers house,

I was at peace,

And care free.


Tho I have not returned,

Since that dreaded day,

When god took,

My beloved grandmother away.


But now I see,

Why this had to be,

Why I’m safe and sound,

Because my grandmother sits on my shoulder now.

One thought on “My Guardian Angel”

  1. Grandmother :) I really agree with you … ‘Guardian Angel’ … yes even I am blessed with my guardian angel and I feel lucky… She is the one who always takes my side whenever I am stuck at some situation or did something wrong ;) … I learned one thing when we are small our grandparents use to take good care of us…as we can’t help ourselves and now my granny…my guardian angel…can’t do anything herself as she is getting very old…I would rather say she is turning into small child and I take this opportunity to take good care of her:) … I am glad you came up with such a great poem for a great person on our life :) thank you!

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