My life is a dream

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My dreams come swift
as if on life itself

I seem to see it pass me by

My life is a dream all by itself

I sleep through a silent lullaby

Im ready for a simple meaning

But it will not show its face to me

What is my true reason for being

I have to fight myself it seems

I look back and come to a conclusion that

my life to me will always be
apart from reality….

nothing more than a dream

6 thoughts on “My life is a dream”

  1. I rly loved your poem…it was really touching…if i could chose who the best poet award goes to it would be you…i never read a peom so so so touching…i actually felt like i was in that situation…can you write me a poem and dedicate it to me plz…PLEASE!! it would mean the world to me if you can be that kind and do that for me…keep writing…toodles…xoxoxo


  2. That's a very great poem. My name is Devin to but i'm a girl so yeah. Plus we spell it different.
    Keep up the good work writing poems.

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