Wish Upon Romance

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Slamming my door, Im confused yet wild.
Breaking into tears, Im truly guarded and mild.
I cannot help but to hiss and tease,
at the one who gives me no release.
Entrapped inside my life, un fair.
Feelings of indeceiveness, just another affair.

Rolled up in my blanket of security,
I ask, why is this life my duty?
The lamp casting long shadows across the room.
I bury myself beneath the cushion and gloom.
Peeping out the window to see one single star,
I reassure myself it’s two that seem so afar.

From where I lay in a bed of hopelessness,
my eyes and mind seem to fuse in this mess.
Producing for me a daydream of black and white show,
a blur of image comes into focus, swaying to and ‘fro.
Two stars, which dance across the night.
Two people, who romance in the light.
It’s only a picture, a thought in my mind,
of a true love story, that I pursue to find.

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