The Dream that Changed my Life

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Purple neon skies,

Rolling sandy dooms,

Bloodline across the horizon,

I find bliss in an euphoric red land.


I look across the desert.

There they sit, lonely,

Glowing Orange-


In that glance I uncover my destiny,

My reason my meaning my Orange doors,

The glowing doors to perception.


Across the desert,

Into love.

With hope in my heart I walk into love.


I arrive at the Egyptian doors,

My final escape,

And I lay with them.

I lie with them in the desert and watch the sky,

Still thriving with Purple.

I watch the Stars tingle eagerly.

I watch the Moon, her ancient damaged soul at ease,

Inching closer to freedom’s Bloodline.


I lie and I wait for that spark in the back of my mind,

For the end of time.


Immortality will shine through my doors,

And carry me through the Purple neon skies.

I’ll fall in love with the Moon.

I’ll kiss all the tingling Stars.

I’ll dance with the Energy


Exploration through eternal cosmos and my mind will begin.

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