Happiness in more words than I imagined

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I never wanted this to get too far but the moment I saw you I knew that my life had changed
I have always felt that I was put here solely to keep you happy
Happiness for me since I met you was only a quick smile away
Even though I know that we would never work only because we were two completely different people
and what bugged you never got to me
You could create a storm of envy with words and protect me from harm
Both mentally and physically
My world was opened to your world and I was always amazed with pleasure
I always believe I could never make you truly happy
What I counted as happiness would only satisfy you in the least amount
Although we are not together we still know what would make each other happy and stay friends
for I know that it was not what we really wanted but what we needed
And although I can never really call you my own I feel as if I still own a piece of your heart
I have and will always love you

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