Dear Society, mass media, and political press,

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I am one out billions of people
Do not tear me apart
For I have seen what uncontrollable powers you carry
Every story and statement can be torn down
To two separate sides or more

Do not correct my grammar
4 it is what it is
I either can not do it
Or I have yet to learn how it is correctly done

In return I will try my best to be a model citizen
Hold the door open for you
Give change to you in a store if you are short
For when it is you (a complete stranger) who is in need
It will be I, who is willing to help

I am not a saint
I will not drive across the country to feed the homeless
Or donate money to feed the children
But I will give what I can
Whether it is a donation of blood, hair, or love
I will set aside sometime to see forth
That what I do not need
Someone else can put it in use

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