Promise me

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Am begging you

Let’s run away

We could save this love

Kiss me softly

Don’t speak up

Make it fast

Choose as we go

Decide our future

Forget our past

Promise me something and make it last

Say that you’re sorry

Tell me you mean it

If you stop crying then I’ll start believing

Hug me carefully

Touch me softly

Embrace me with your touch

Don’t let me stand here alone

Hold me tight that’s what I want

Your hand and mines joined as one

Kiss me tenderly

Take away my pain

Runaway with me

In the dark shadowy night

Let’s make love

In this fine place

I will stay with you

No matter what I have to do

Baby its love I promise you

I can’t change it

I can’t fix it

It’s your love it’s addicting

Am in pain

Because of you

We can’t be together

We are called “too young”

But when our love combined

It was meant to be

I mean when we made love it was perfect

I can’t imagine life without you

I can’t move on from you my love

You and I are meant to be in my heart I feel it

Our love is like a magnet it can’t be apart

We must stay united because true love happened once

And when we find it we can’t let it go

Because it might not return

But am sure I love you forever and ever

Me and you belong together.

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