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I live for the moment,

To see you smile.

I live for the moment,

To never see you cry.

I live for the moment,

To have you in my life.

For that one moment,

I’ll cherish the days

You are mine,

So we can spend some time.

Time that passed us by

In a blink of an eye.

I would give up

My whole life

Just to spend one more moment

On this Earth.

For that one moment

I’ll spend my last hug,

My last kiss,

And my last breath

Just to say “I love you.”

I live for this moment,

To be with you always.

In your heart

And in your soul.

Forever and ever,

You will always be mine.

For I live for the moment,

To be with you all the time!

3 thoughts on “Moment”

  1. What a moment I just had after reading your poem :)… Very nicely written … from your wordings I could feel how loyal your love is and I sincerely wish you should be always blessed with each and every moment you enlisted in your poem … thanks a lot for sharing …

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