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Who would ever thought you would meet a person just like you

She smiles like me

She walks like me

Some  would say that she looks just like me

It feels good to have someone to know what you’re thinking

A person who feels the same way about things just like you too

She is the best I must say perfect in every way

I love her to death

Thats why I take a good look in the mirror and say “Thank you beautiful for being my best friend”

“You don’t judge me like everyone else does”

“You don’t lie to me you always keep it real”

“When tears fall from eyes you feel the same exact pain that I do”

You are the most beautiful person that I’ve ever seen

When I look into your eyes I know the story behind them

When I cry you wipe my tears away

Then you say “Trust me everything will be okay”

No one can feel the way for me like you do

No one can take care of me like you do

I have to say babe you’re mighty cool

Thats why I love you and you are my best friend

I swear that there is not a person on this earth that can treat me the way that you do  <3

2 thoughts on “Bestfriend”

  1. when people around you who claim to be your friend leaves you standing alone and hurt, its sure nice to stand in front of a mirror and say,” hey there… you still there buddy… thanks for staying with me always”

  2. Best friends don’t just happen quickly, it take loads of time to know about each other, the comfort level, the talks which we share, how we actually feel about each other when we are together, when all these factors are found on a person, we ultimately become best of friends out there, where we can be ourselves when we are around them. We almost feel like complete! What an amazing feel that is! Not everyone get a best friend and those who get have to thank the stars!

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