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I’m not with you

Your not with me

We both gave up

We just couldn’t take it anymore

I gave my all but would only get a half in return

You didn’t want to die for me

You didn’t want to cherish me


Its plain to see that it just wasn’t meant to be

You promised me a ring

I guess that was toO much to ask for

I cried all night with no one to hold

Where were you when I needed you?

You were no where to be found

You made me hurt so much

I still reached out for you I still wanted you

but in the end 1-1=0

3 thoughts on “1-1”

  1. Wow. 1-1=0. I never really thought of that before.
    It’s just so sad how people suffer from heartbreak. But always remember that if that one you love, either a gf or a bf break ups with you, remembered that there’s still alot of fishes out there, and one of them was MEANT for you.

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