A future proposal

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My lovely love given to me as a gift from above,
your perception is flawed and what I see is right…
why won’t you see your true beauty is as evident as the night.
your pale soft skin as delicate as an angels feather,
your amazing blue eyes catch mine and hold them like an invisible tether,
your vibrant smile makes me do the same,
like each drop falls then another when it rains.
your truly extraordinary inside and out, it’s hard for me to resist
especially when you pout, your so beautiful and I wish you could see
how each letter..each word emotionally moves me.
your everything but normal and I love you
for this is why I try everyday with so much effort to show it.
I love you more than anything
I’d pick you over everything and I hope you see this in me when
I’m finally on one knee to ask you “Shay Soto…would you marry me?”

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