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Arms reaching out

spinning every now and then

you wander the woods

with only the animals

and the gentle sway of limbs

to accompany you

the sky is neither here nor there

a squirrel peers out

through the foliage

a crow eyes you blackly

you turn

all you see are ferns

the air is so sweet

it caresses you lovingly

tosses your hair

suddenly you feel

arms about you

my breath in your hair

my chin on your shoulder

I whisper in your ear –

“I love you.

I believe in you.

You’re a beautiful person.

You’re talented.

You’re strong.

There’s no one else

like you.

You always dance

in my heart….”

then just as suddenly –


I love you suddenly your alone
you’re there alone

the woods all about you

and as the day darkens

crows fly overhead

crying out

as if in


Hope I'm not over-indulging my Muse here, incidentally.

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