Travelling vs Dating

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Traveling vs. Dating
How could it be?
Traveling is like short term dating
You want to escape the reality for a moment
You want to escape the boredom for a moment
To somewhere alien

You booked a round trip
With a certain return date
You try to make full use of your short stay
And try new things as many as possible
Until you’re exhausted
Then you return home with memories

But when you traveled so much
The traveling becomes less and less exciting
Since you have been to so many places
And they’re more alike than different

Then you figure out
Things would work differently
If you just stay somewhere longer
To study, to work, or to live
No rush to try new things
Just live the life, taste it
And explore the place naturally
Gradually fall in love with it without notice
And discover a lot more than a traveler does

Traveling vs. dating
How could it be?
The longer is always better
Even if it’s not lifelong


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