Appreciate Beauty, Appreciate Life

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I was going to see the maple leaves
To appreciate maple leaves
we cannot just watch one maple tree
After three hours’ driving
I was approaching the maple forest
The closer we approach a maple forest
the more disappointed we are
In our imagination
maple leaves should be exuberant
with a very brilliant red
In fact
we can never see this kind of red
In the sun
the leaves of maple forest have three colors
red, yellow and green
When we are close to them we will find
every leaf is gnawed
and it has not a pure color but a withered one
To appreciate beauty
we must choose the best moment, the best angle,
and the best distance
if we have never approached something beautiful
we will never know
which distance, which angle would be the best one for appreciating
It is only life that teaches us how to appreciate it

One thought on “Appreciate Beauty, Appreciate Life”

  1. hi Min Min, reading tru your poems and blogs i must admitt that am amazed. although i do not know how to formaly express my profound xaltation of your work, but i jst thought i should comment on your effort to restore “beauty” not in how hot and sleek we look in the morden trend of styles and fashion in wears, but rather in “SIMPLICITY” in nature it self, where life realy is… to some it maybe a wake up call, but to me, its joy to see and know that am not alone in this world at a time like this when humans stoop so low, there are still those decent ones who take thier time to appreciate true beauty in those little things that others feel “don't count” Im proud of staying up late tonight, cuz i stumbled upon someone special “MIN MIN”! i wish i could express how i feel, you have inspired a soul over here, all the way in the deep routs of AFRICA, i am Nigerian, and am proud of who i am. and so are u, with the way you express yourself in your works… kudos to your efforts, for they are not in vain…. one love!

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