Just close your eyes

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Once upon a time I did not give a damn
But now here I am
Open arms
Come take my hand
Together we could dance
Look at the sky
Look at the stars
Take out this pain
That won’t go away
Say your prayers
Close your eyes
Make a wish and let it fly
Scream his name
And say it loud
Maybe he could feel your pain somehow
Am dancing
Am crying
Am smiling
While am dying
It’s my heart that won’t heal
It’s my eyes that have no tears
It’s this pain that kills inside
It’s ashamed he’s not here tonight
But he still needs to know
Am dancing with my broken heart
Am letting everything go
Am relaxing as I float
Thinking twice
Making it quick
I should find the missing piece
Maybe falling
But I don’t care
Am enjoying this love affair
Am falling into the cold water
Am deep deep inside
I can’t see the light
But I feel better down here
I don’t need you now
So remember somehow
Memories fade, mistakes are made, but you had lost and I had changed
Now am drowning while am writing
So today I’ll make history because tomorrow is a mystery

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