The Hole of Loneliness

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I say I will vagabond
but Im not used to the wandering life who knows
I say I will go far away
but I want to be back home who knows
Who knows behind silence there’s a wound
Who knows behind indifference there’s a weakness
I smile and say that Im not afraid of loneliness
but I hold back the tears who knows
How I wish that someone could light a lamp for me
warm the hole of loneliness in my heart
Are you lonesome
I think everyone is the same
we don’t know since when this world became colder and colder
After being hurt again and again
you learn to hide
I learn to be silent
no longer willing to tell others our own stories
not willing to express warmth to others either
We would rather make ourselves lonely
and make the others lonesome too
actually, lonely human beings must keep each other warm
No one is absolutely strong
At the bottom of our heart
we all have weaknesses, empty places
Maybe in the rainy evening
maybe on the street at dusk
it becomes a wound without a reason
Don’t say you aren’t afraid of loneliness
don’t pretend to be indifferent any more
because everyone has loneliness
every one has loneliness

4 thoughts on “The Hole of Loneliness”

  1. Hey. Well I think this is an amazing poem. I know exactly what is being said here. It touches me so much, knowing their are people out there that feel the same. thank you for that. I hope it goes places. I kno it will.

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