Husbands Night Out

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I thought damn,
She must be hating him
But his speech is pro-
and BAM,again she’s loving him.
I wonder why he even tries
Every word is just another bunch of lies How he says
“I’m late because of work”
As she picks up the pieces of a heart he once broke
Isn’t this a bit immature?
He must think he’s still in his prime
Gray hairs, and the bags he wears, running away from father time.
He sneaks home
She waits alone
It’s a short discussion
Wondering how he functions
She really wants answers
Her suspicions are always right
But His answers never change
–“Long parent teachers night”
Why is it always the same?
She wants to believe it
Asking herself if she should just leave it This is truly a lovers true fear
But it’s been so long
she doesn’t show tears She just blocks it, doesn’t cry
He takes it out of her,
so her eyes just run dry
And she piles up the questions in her mind But his aggression grew with time
With confidence she asks
–“where have you been”
He avoids the question by raising his voice to level ten.
“why do you hassle me!!!”
She can never really win
Their bed comforts him
And tortures her
As he falls asleep like a king
She finally shows a tear that let out
But she knows this is what it’s about
when it’s a husbands night out.

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