Words, Words

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Words, words
they’re dangerous
they show you affections
appeal to your emotions
touch your feelings
shatter your defences
bypass your reasons
then fuel your passions

Words, words
they’re fatal
as pretty as a beauty
as sexy as a body
as sweet as a candy
as pleasant as a melody
as fragrant as perfumery
soft and silky

Words, words
they’re hazardous
they come and they go
they stay and they move
they’re real or merely fictions
they’re true or merely compositions
they’re realities or merely imaginations
they’re truths or merely impulsions
they’re thoughts or merely expressions
they’re amusing or confusions

Words, words
they’re killers
they steal your core rob your soul
make you feel you’re on top of the world
make you susceptible make you vulnerable
make you helpless and powerless
you’re not even realizing
it is happening

Seventeen Again

6 thoughts on “Words, Words”

  1. Flower blossoms
    In the midst of summer time
    It’s sad to hear they don’t live long
    They just stayed and die there

    Our words defines who we are
    As once wise man told
    If you have nothing nice to say
    Please don’t!

  2. It just depicts the power of words. They’re to express feelings but they can be more than them when they become art with rhymes. Isn’t it true?

  3. I’ve seen a priest today
    He watches a boxing match
    and he’s enjoying it very much
    at church he preaches righteousness
    i’m confused.
    why someone so righteous
    enjoy watching people fight!

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