Pain no more

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I hate the way I feel everyday,
I hate to say I ain’t going to stay,
I’m slowly going to fade,
I can’t take no more of this pain,
It’s all too much nothing to gain,
I plan my escape,
then I will feel free and alive,
with no more tears to cry

2 thoughts on “Pain no more”

  1. I used to have a visitor who kindly advised me not to post depressive poems. I appreciate his advice. I try to avoid negative words. However, I do think it’s a sweet attention and positive encouragement if the poem is published. They do need advice and they do need to express! So here it is, and sorry David, I did modification. I would suggest you to read the comments on the following poem and the comments on other similar poems and they may be of help; you can also write down your specific story or your thoughts in detail and you will be able to get more constructive advice.

  2. I agree with Min Min on this one but it was a nice poem and if you get advice your writing will be more effective, trust me Min Min always want to help and she is a great person and do not be angry that she modified your poem because it is for the best.

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