My addiction

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He’s my addiction
My only true love
The one that I suffer for
The one who’s so hard to let go
He was my everything
He’s my past love
Yes that right he has to know
His way of talking
His way of kissing
His way of touching
Got me addicted
His warm embrace
How he touched my face
How he held my hand
When he wiped my tears
As life went on he disappeared
He doesn’t know how much I cry
He doesn’t know how hard I try
But every single night I pray
For a chance to see his face
And I know I made mistakes
But he was one of them
And if he ever wonders
If I still love him
Can some one please tell him
I do, I do, with all my heart
But time flies and that love has died

3 thoughts on “My addiction”

  1. Is there anything else that can hurt us as much as or more than love? So why do we still let it hurt us? Isn’t it actually a hard drug?

    I have been wondering…

  2. ur poem is wonderful and true.its something so hurts us over and over and its so hard to forget the one we have in our heart, even though we sometimes know we have to, we just cant.definetly a adiction

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