My Nightmare

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I could hear the rain drops falling while I sleep,

I could feel my tears dropping to my feet,

I could feel him cheating while am lying in my bed,

Talking to his new girl, thinking she’s the best,

I mean I don’t understand him, Can’t get why he’s still with me,

All I want to do is leave him, but am trapped in my past, too bad its too sad,

to watch him cry at night and then make up some stupid lies,

He said he’s not cheating, while next to the other girl he’s sitting,

Her smell comes to me, am too blind to even see, am trapped in a room full of dark secrets.

I open a book and guess what I see? a picture of her and him in a seat.

In that moment of silence I felt my heart beat. A new beginning waiting for me.

But guess what its not over, am still stuck in this room, am trapped with a lock and a room filled of sad.

I get near the door, I hear his voice saying I love you.

In that moment I scream as hard as I could. I said am right here and I need help.

I tell the girl to run away because I don’t want her to be another one.

I kick the door and scream his name with anger and as loud as I can,

He opens the door with his furious face and walks over to me and slaps me in the face,

I tell him don’t hit me, I don’t like being mistreated, He tells me I deserve it for being so conceited.

I tried to run away but he grabbed me by my hand, He forced me to sit down and then he turned around,

he went back to his room and he sat on his couch next to his new girl.

I face my fears and my worst nightmare and its time for me to get out of there.

I kick the door as hard as I could, I tried 10 times and the last one worked.

He heard the door and ran after me, too bad he’s too slow for the things that I know.

I ran and ran until I got home and then I said to god “I thank you so much”.

Now The Nightmare is over and I just woke up I realized it was a dream.

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