How true love can be

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Stop and see whats to be
For sometimes you must
Look beyond the trees.
Your questions of life
Are never easy
Like true love we grasp
For each day
Stop and look very
Close to you for love
An happiness is just ahead
So look to god and pray and
Get down on one knee and
Pray to the lord to let you be humble
And free.
For then and only then
Will you see
How true
Love can be

2 thoughts on “How true love can be”

  1. It was really touching :(… I loved it … seriously I am one of those lucky people in this world who get to feel true love … the feel is amazing but the sad thing was it didn’t last … but I hope one day everything would fall in place again … I try to be optimistic and waiting for that day when I could have my angel on my arms … and I will make sure I would not let her go again … I need to thank you for sharing this poem with us :)

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