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Where has Time gone?

all the yesterdays and tomorrows

fold in upon now

we are the only ones here

holding hands


wind tossing our hair

I feel your heart beat

your hand in mine –

squeeze and feel the throb

all the lies sink beneath

our feet

all the truths rise up

and scatter like birds

as far as the eye

can see

the sun rises behind you

a strand of your hair

teasing  my face

your eyes ask questions

I cannot answer

my words all come out


let us drink each other’s tears

let us embrace the other’s warmth

we know in the end

the cold makes its final claim

when all is said and done,

when all is wrapped up

once and for all,

can I stand beside you

and watch the sun


a lifeless sky?

let us take tragedy

by the hand

and dance….

I have to admit rather sheepishly this came to me at random while I was simultaneously reading a history of punk music and listening to a pretentious Danish heavy metal band.  Oh well....

2 thoughts on “Dance”

  1. I really like your poem. The description is magnificent and the emotion behind it is tangible. Dance is something near and dear to my heart and so, to me, this really is a work of art.

  2. Thanks. I’m glad my words did something for you. I’m no judge of my own work, of course. As author Robert Graves used to say, if you can’t be yourself no matter how unfashionable the result, then why bother? Those are words I live by. Again, thanks. Greg.

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