Meeting and Falling for you

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For All my life I have never expected to meet someone who would change me and everything I believe.
From the moment our eyes made contact to each other.
Until the moment we made our first date.
It sure was something I have hoped for a long time.
A long search for someone…
Who would in turn accept me for all my weaknesses…
I have long lived in many unsuccessful relationships.
But just as it seemed that hope was lost forever…
You came and lit the dying flame in my heart.
Everything I believe in and everything I have been searching for…
I found them all within you.
Time sure flows fast.
It seems like yesterday when I first laid my eyes on you.
The fast beating of my heart…
The incredible spark I felt when our eyes met…
A wonderful emotion I would cherish as long as I breathe.
Every part of me is complete.
What I am and Who I am now…
It is all thanks to you and the love you gave me.
There is nothing I would ask more than to have you in my life…
To share every moment with you
I have experienced them all with you…
The sun may set on the horizon to end the day
But the fire continuously burns deep within my heart.
…Because of my undying love for you.
And my love will never fade with time…

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