I’m Trapped

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I’m like trapped in this box

I push everywhere trying to get out I want to get out so bad

But something is keeping me here…

Is it something or someone?

All I want to do is get out see sun light again!

I want to feel the warmth of the sun!

But no…All I see is darkness

All I feel is cold and I just sit there clinging to myself trying to get warm

I just wonder…

What did I do to get myself here?!

I don’t remember doing anything bad

pain hits me everyday and I sit there my face buried in my hands

And I cry until my tears run out

All I want is to be with my friends again

And with the boy I love

But no that something or someone

Wants me to suffer

It or they want to hear my cry

Beg for me to let me go

And I scream for help

And I want everyone to know

I’m just trapped…

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