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Threatens, yells, swears, and lies

It is all this that I despise

Even though it’s all you do

Even though it isn’t true

I can’t help thinking

And I can’t help sinking..

Can’t stop feeling;

Or I’ll end up kneeling.

To that which I hate the most

That which I’m forbidden to hate

Have to remember the truth when its truthless

I have to endure even though its ruthless

Never forget

Know it isn’t correct

I don’t want to go home to another fight

I don’t wanna stay here ’cause it’s just not right

I wish I could just take flight

And blend into the night..

Just slip away and have a somewhere to go..

Just go somewhere you’ll never know

I can’t ignore that which haunts my dreams

And I can’t ignore that which causes my screams!

End this forever nightmare..

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